Finer Details for the best Sex Games

The female desire is fluctuating, the male partner is not free of failures or erectile dysfunction, then learn to spice up your naughty nights with aphrodisiacs. From the most original to the most classic, aphrodisiacs have become a must to boost libido.

What are natural aphrodisiacs?

When you are told aphrodisiac, you certainly think of natural aphrodisiacs. You’ve even used spicy aphrodisiacs, sprinkling them on some of your dishes: cloves, saffron or ginger. You may also have heard about aphrodisiacs in capsules (containing maca, ginseng or Muirapuama) or other essential oils of ylang-ylang. But you know less unusual or original aphrodisiacs.

Bet on the original aphrodisiacs

Ambergris, musk, civet are aphrodisiacs that may be much less familiar to you. And for good reason, they are difficult to obtain and are handled with care. The use of the furry sex games also comes important here.

Ambergris, an aphrodisiac in scented or cooked notes

It comes from the mixture of biliary secretions of the sperm whale. Waxy and soft, this substance forms the base of perfumes, in synthetic or natural version. With variants: woody, dry, balsamic, flowery or close to tobacco. To use it in cooking (in the form of spices or pastilles), do not hesitate to get closer to the nearest herbalism you will probably be very helpful. In stew, cream or jam, ambergris can be enjoyed at any sauce. By melting at the bottom of a tea or in a hot chocolate, it will revive the dens of your desire.

Musk, panacea and aphrodisiac for the well-being and the senses

The musk comes from a gland located under the skin of the abdomen of the buckshot (Asian deer). It is a brown substance that, despite its very surprising origin and its strong smell (in “soft” version) is much appreciated by perfumers, because it adds an erotic note to the waters of toilet. The musk can be pulverized or grinded. And then add it to preparations in very small quantities.

Yohimbe, an aphrodisiac for both man and woman

Its bark is used for its aphrodisiac properties. It is extracted from the yohimbe, a large tropical tree of 30m high (maximum). It is usually cut into pieces and dried. For several centuries, it has been used to stimulate libido (treatment of frigidity, psychic or organic impotence) and to intensify orgasms.

Civet oil, the aphrodisiac for feline nights

You can use it either alone or in composition, in three ways: on a diffusion perfume burner, as a massage oil or in the bath (about ten drops in water).

Unusual aphrodisiacs: not really attractive

The blood of the cobra, among the Vietnamese, is the most of the aphrodisiac. It is usually left to macerate in alcohol for several months before consumption. The tiger penis is also considered as a libido stimulator in Asia. It is eaten in soup with or without the bones of the animal. Sea cucumber or sea cucumber is highly prized by the Chinese and is usually cooked according to a very precise process. Wolf meat, fecundated duck eggs (or Balut) and skinks (small lizards of North Africa) are among those aphrodisiacs that would not have been thought of at first glance, but which have an undeniable success.

7 tips to see porn as a couple

What they see and how it will depend on the desire of both. Many see it, but very few admit it.Speaking specifically about Love milf porn movies, the first to come to light came in 1895, shortly after the invention of cinema. At first, what they saw were “risqué” projections, of women doing stripteases, and that was enough to make people crazy to those who saw them.

Some will say that they will see porn with their partner, but you would be surprised to know that not only are there dedicated sites for different genres and tastes, but in the case of women, many enjoy these sessions of visual sex.

They dare?

The important thing here, as in any sexual adventure, is mutual consent: do not tell your partner that they are going to see a movie without clarifying in advance that it is a porno, because you are violating that space of autonomy. There are people who simply dislike them, and that must be respected.Now, if it gives you the green light, here are the best tips to make more sensual:

  • Establish the setting: If you are in an intimate stage, you can go to the setting by sexing. If the thing is on the right track, you can talk about it – naturally – and ask if it would interest you to watch a movie with you.
  • Be careful with what you choose: in this world there is everything from the simplest to the most hardcore and you have to be cautious when choosing the movie. It is vital that you know your partner’s tastes, weaknesses and rejections, because what excites you / he may disgust you.
  • Taboos out: If they agreed and turned on the movie, you do not have to be on top of each other in five minutes. See at least half, laugh if you want or return to a point that you liked in particular. It is an intimate sharing, not an obligation. If any of you feel uncomfortable, let him know without hostility.
  • Take advantage and play: If you want to add flavor to the session, you can establish rules. No taking off clothes or touching; or that it is one who caresses or kisses gently while the other observes. Flow naturally.

Complement: That sitting on the couch or the bed looking like statues does not make sense. Bring something that you like to drink and / or eat, put on comfortable, sexy clothes (or none at all) and let yourself go for the moment. It is not a kind of anatomy or biology; It is a change of routine and a pinch to the mountain of pleasure.